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Adult Hockey Leagues

IAHL 2019-20

Ion International Training Center offers Virginia's Premier Adult Hockey League experience. The IAHL is designed for players of all abilities - from Beginners to Advanced, men and women. No matter the skill, promoting and maintaining our FUN-FRIENDLY-SOCIAL culture is mandatory.


 A, B, C, D leagues
 Multiple skill levels of play, parity enforced at each level
 90-minute ice times; three 15-minute, stop-time periods
 No checking, safe and competitive environment
 Two USA Hockey certified referees at every game
 Scorekeeper, score sheets, online stats, and box scores
 Register individually/free agent or as a team
 Pre/Post Late-night hockey happy hour
 Free agent draft & evaluations
 League captain meetings
 Team Sublimated Jerseys
 One Team Practice (shared ice)
 League Trophy
 Pick-up Hockey - 3 free passes, per player/season
 Skate Sharpening - 3 free, per player/season
 Equipment Discounts - 10% off, per player/season
 Live Video
 Championship Game - free pitchers and pizza
 Social Media Exposer


 A - Advanced
Players and Goalies have substantial hockey abilities, skills, knowledge and experience. Have played at a high level in all areas of the game. They understand the rules, team concepts, are skilled a stick handling, passing, puck control etc. They are in good physical shape.
 B - Intermediate
Players and Goalies at this level have had significant coaching or played significant youth hockey as a child and are comfortable skating in a fast-paced game and can keep up with the play. They are in average physical shape, may be slowing with age and moving down from higher ranks. Simply put, players are average in most areas of the game.
 C - Novice
Players and Goalies at this level are becoming more comfortable skating forward but can skate backwards fairly comfortably. They are probably just getting comfortable with positional play, learning to skate with their head-up, learning the rules, team concepts and understand offensive and defensive zones.
 D - Beginner
Players and Goalies at this level are just learning and becoming more comfortable on their skates but still have a hard time with skating both forward and backwards. They've acquired some basic skills to get up and down the ice but still struggle with carrying the puck, making passes and taking shots. This level is for the true beginner who has never played the game nor have had much experience watching or following the game. The level of physicality in this game should be nil although players should understand that accidental collisions will occur because players haven't mastered controlled skating.


 Spring/Summer 2019 - May through October (6-month season)
 Fall/Winter 2019-20 - November through April (6-month season)


 24 Games, including play-offs - Spring/Summer (6-month season)
 24 Games, including play-offs - Fall/Winter (6-month season)


 $7,500 - Spring/Summer (6-month season)
 $7,500 - Fall/Winter (6-month season)


 Credit Card Payment (no individual team payments)
 Deposit - $500 due on February 4, 2019
 Payment Dates: 1st installment due March 25, 2019, 2nd installment due May 6, 2019
 Discounts - $150 off pay-in-full before February 4, 2019, new team Referrals - $100 off per season
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