Learn to Play

Ion's Learn to Play is specifically designed for the development of hockey players. 
Our goal correct grouping your player according to their age and skill sets for optimum player growth. 

For Ages 2-8
Beginner and Novice

Learn basic 
skating and stick handling

No skating experience needed!

Coaching & Questions


If you are interested in coaching, please contact us directly. I am currently prospecting new head coaches, assistant coaches, volunteer coaches, and goalie coaches. 

The goalies need the same amount of detailed instruction as the skaters receive during team practices. Goalies will be given weekly practice plans as well.


There will be multiple on-ice coach’s clinics to identify, demonstrate, and verbally break-down modern hockey terminologies, techniques, gear specs, drills, and game situational drills. 

Through this teaching process, we will be on the same page when reading over the weekly practice plans.


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