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Ion's Learn to Play Hockey Program is specifically designed for the development of hockey players, between the ages of 2-8 years old, at the beginner and novice level of play. It is our goal to correctly place skaters in their correct groupings according to their age and skill sets for optimum player growth. We are committed to helping your player learn the most basic fundamentals of skating and stickhandling. After participating in this program, your player will be ready to play on one of our hockey teams, both physically and mentally. This program caters to players with little to no skating experience.


Levels: Beginner and Novice
Ages: 2 – 8yrs. (Pre-School, Pre-Kindergarten, Half-day Kindergarten, Home School)
Dates: September 9, 2019 - May 7, 2020
Days/Times: Twice a week, 45-minute sessions
 Monday and Wednesday 10:30am-11:15am
 Monday and Wednesday 1:30pm-2:15pm
 Tuesday and Thursday 10:30am-11:15am
 Tuesday and Thursday 1:30pm-2:15pm
Session 1: September 9 through December 19, 2019
Fee: $750 (30 ice slots)
Session 2: January 6 through May 7, 2020
Fee: $900 (36 ice slots)
Student Limit: 20 per group (players will be divided into groups by age/skill appropriate)
Rink: Full-ice
Professional Instruction: Ion Hockey Staff
Provided: Evaluations, Player Report Card, and Consultations
Included: Jersey and Helmet Stickers


Players will learn the proper skating techniques of falling down and getting up using balance control. Full gear is not required but is highly recommended. A beginner player will not learn to feel comfortable in hockey skates without overcoming the fear of injuries. This is why using hockey gear as protection and learning balance control is a main focus. Similar to walking, this program is an introduction to hockey skating; learning the difference between skaters inside, outside, and flat edges. Hockey skaters balance on their flat edges, marching forwards and backwards using their inside edges and eventually using their outside edges for turning control and lateral movements. Prerequisite to Novice 1– 4 and DC Nforcers.

NOVICE CLASSES – 1, 2, 3, 4

Novice classes are intended for Future Stars to improve power in their stride. Players will focus on the most important aspect of their game; Powerskating with a hockey stick. Hockey skaters at this level have passed their crawling stage (Beginner Hockey) and are now introduced to a more advanced level of skating. They will learn proper upper and lower body positioning required in hockey skating forwards, backwards and side to side. It is one thing to learn how to stand up and wiggle, it is another to learn how to skate at a fast pace. If you are familiar with the NHL, you will see players constantly stopping and starting while changing direction. Hockey is a fast-paced game and players must learn how to keep up with the play. Players will learn how to incorporate their edges while doing just that. Prerequisite to the DC Nforcers.
Required Equipment:
  Hockey Skates (rentals are an option)
  Hockey Helmet and Mask
  Sticks (recommended once past Beginner 2)
  Hockey Gloves

Beginner Classes (1, 2, 3, 4)

1. Intro to Walkers, Stationary Up-downs (bottom, back, chest), Stationary Skate Touches, Stationary Puck Squats, Forward Duck Marches (while recovering a puck), Forward Knee & Skate Touches, Forward 1,2,3,4 Step - 2 Foot Glides, Forward 2 Foot Wiggles
2. Forward Running Man (with Walkers), Backward 3,2,1, Blast-offs (sitting down), Backward Toe Pushes (with Walkers), Forward 2 Foot Hops, Forward 1 Foot Holds, Forward 1 Foot Hops, Forward Superman’s, Forward 2 Steps to 2 Foot Squats
3. Backwards 3,2,1, Blast-offs (standing up), Backward Toe Marches, Backward Swizzles, Backward Hops, Backward Stationary Flat Edge Slides (side-to-side), Forward 2 Foot Snow Plow Stops, Forward 1 Foot Snow Plow Stops, Forward Skating (stick and rubber puck recovery)
4. Forward Stationary V-Starts, Forward 1 Foot Pushes, Forward 1 Foot Pushes to a Hold, Forward 1 Foot Pushes, Holds, and Heel Hops, Backward Stationary V-Starts, Backward 1 Foot Toe Pushes, Backward 2 Foot Flat Edge Slides, Backward 1 Foot Snow Plow Stops, Forward to Backward Flat Edge Transitions, Backward to Forward Flat Edge Transitions

Novice Classes (1, 2, 3, 4)

1. Forward Hockey Position Stance, Forward Upper & Lower Body Positioning, Forward Stick and Hand Positioning (elbow length), Forward Inside Edge V-starts, Forward Inside Edge Heel Hops, Forward Inside Edge 2 Foot C-cuts, Forward Inside Edge 2 Foot C-cut Hops, Forward Inside Edge 1 Foot C-cuts, Forward 1 Foot Flat Edge Slides, Forward Stride Extensions
2. Backward Hockey Position Stance, Backward Upper & Lower Body Positioning, Backward Stick and Hand Positioning (elbow length), Backward Inside Edge V-starts, Backward Inside Edge 2 Foot C-cuts, Backward Inside Edge 1 Foot C-cuts, Backward Inside Edge 2 Foot C-cut Hops, Forward Flat Edge 1 Foot Slides, Backward Stride Extensions (twelve to three o’clock)
3. Forward Stationary Outside Edge 2 Foot Squats, Forward Outside Edge 2 Foot Squat Holds, Forward Outside Edge 2 Foot C-cuts, Forward Outside Edge 1 Foot Holds, Forward Inside and Outside Edge Figure 8’s, Backward Outside Edge 2 Foot Squat Holds, Backward Outside Edge 1 Foot Extension Holds, Backward Outside Edge 2 Foot C-cuts, Backward Inside and Outside Edge Figure 8’s, Forward Hockey Stops, Backward Hockey Stops, Backward Hockey Stops (wide stance)
4. Forward Inside Edge 1 Foot Hold Turns, Forward Outside Edge 1 Foot Hold Turn, Backward Inside Edge 1 Foot Hold Turn, Backward Outside Edge 1 Foot Hold Turn, Forward Power-turns, Backward Power-turns, Walking Cross-overs (side to side), Forward Straight Continuous Cross-overs, Backward Straight Continuous Cross-overs, Forward Turning Cross-over Holds, Backward Turning Cross-over Holds, Forward Turning Continuous Cross-overs, Backward Turning Continuous Cross-overs


We recommend that beginner players use full hockey equipment so he or she feels physically prepared and protected. Players should be able to fall down, run into the boards, and get hit with little to no pain. Once players realize that falling down on the ice, hitting the boards and getting hit by other players does not hurt they will begin skating and playing more fearless. Once players advance past the Beginner 2 class, they will be comfortable enough to skate with a puck.

The following equipment is listed in chronological order to put on the body.
Full Hockey equipment is optional but recommended:
 Shin Pads
 Hockey Socks or Sweat Pants
 Hockey Pants
 Hockey Skates
 Shoulder Pads (optional)
 Elbow pads
 Jersey (provided)
 Helmet with Facemask
 Hockey Gloves
 Hockey Stick
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