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SUMMER & FALL HOCKEY TEAMS 2019-20 – House, Travel, 
Selects AAA, Junior A Teams

N-forcers Selects AAA Evaluations

Starting Saturday March 16 (rink location – TBD). Unable to attend evaluations? Send in a player profile recommendation from your current coach. If you know of any player prospects or recommendations that would like to be considered, feel free to have them text or email Josh Kern, a current in-game video clip or contact him directly at 612.666.3930 or jkern@

DC N-forcers Travel Tryouts

Starting May 10, 2019 (rink location – TBD)

DC N-forcers House Tryouts

Starting August 24, 2019


If you are interested in coaching, please contact me directly. I am currently prospecting new head coaches, assistant coaches, volunteer coaches, and goalie coaches. The goalies need the same amount of detailed instruction as the skaters receive during team practices. Goalies will be given weekly practice plans as well.

Coaching Clinics

There will be multiple on-ice coach’s clinics to identify, demonstrate, and verbally break-down modern hockey terminologies, techniques, gear specs, drills, and game situational drills. Through this teaching process, we will be on the same page when reading over the weekly practice plans.
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