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Synchronized Skating

If you Love to Skate and love being a part of a Team, come tryout with ION's Synchronized Skating Teams!

Synchro Teams

Synchronized skating is a sport where between eight and twenty figure skaters perform together as a team. They move as a flowing unit at high speed, while completing complicated footwork.

Synchronized Skating is the fastest growing aspect of figure skating.

On Ion Teams you don’t skate around the beltway, you have a home in Leesburg with all the amenities and the best coaches in one place!

MARCH 30TH AND 31ST 10 AM – 12PM
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What is Synchro?

Synchronized skating is the fastest growing aspect of figure skating and is a team sport in which 8-20 skaters perform a program together. It uses the same judging system as singles, pairs and dance and is characterized by teamwork, speed, intricate formations and challenging step sequences. As with the other disciplines, all teams perform a free skate with required well-balanced program elements. In addition, teams at the junior and senior level perform a short program consisting of required elements. Top-performing teams at the junior and senior levels have the opportunity to earn a berth to the U.S. Synchronized Skating Team, with the top two senior teams going on to represent the United States at the World Synchronized Skating Championships.

Elements in synchronized skating include blocks, circles, wheels, lines, intersections, move elements, creative elements, no holds elements, spins and pairs moves. The variety and difficulty of elements require that each team member is a highly skilled individual skater. The typical senior-level athlete has passed a senior or gold test in at least two disciplines.

Qualifying Teams versus Non-qualifying Teams

Qualifying Teams are those teams that are allowed to compete at Nationals each season. In most of those teams, you will have to earn a certain spot at Sectionals in order to qualify for Nationals. Non-qualifying teams do not qualify for Nationals and compete at Sectionals as their biggest competition of the season.
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